Our Advantage

The cornerstone of Blank Family Communities is our ability to operate Manufactured Home Communities effectively and successfully on behalf of our clients. Our full-service third party management company can operate all aspects of the business while keeping our clients fully informed on their asset at all times.

Third Party Services


third party
property management


property advisement & project managment

Clients Receive:  

  • Individual Plan and Budget for each Community- with measurable goals 

  • Full Management of Day-to-Day Property Operations 

    • Legal and Delinquency 

    • Compliance 

    • Sales and Leasing 

    • Marketing 

    • Curb Appeal

    • Resident Experience 

  • Billing and Collections 

  • Monthly Financial and Operational Reporting 

  • Full-Service In-House Accounting 

  • Community Employee Management 

    • Payroll 

    • Onboarding and Continuous Training 

  • Training Manual and Processes 

  • Full-Service and Automated Software Platform

  • Vendor Network 

Blank Family Communities is happy to lend our expertise on a limited basis. Advisement services solve specific issues- not generate them. Start with our Community Optimization Plan, which will highlight how to implement the foundation of operating MHC’s.

  • Community Optimization Plan

  • New or Used Home Community Infill

  • Capital Improvements and Community Revitalization

  • Community Staffing, Onboarding and Training

  • 10 Point Community Evaluation

  • General Operational Advisor

  • Sales, Leasing and Marketing