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Advice: You Need Some

No businessperson shows up for work and thinks, “I need a consultant.” We’ve all heard it before – consultants can eat up your time, money and do not provide the right type of value.

But it is possible to bring in an advisor that is also an industry expert and has the ability to provide real value in a short period of time, without the need for a long and drawn out engagement. This professional can not only provide insight into particular issues but can also offer a network of vendors, operating processes, procedures and other attributes culled from their years of success in the industry.

What Blank Family Communities stresses in our advisement services is that we have owned and operated communities and cut the checks. Anyone can come into your business and point out areas where spending money would be beneficial, but it takes a special type of skill to be able to find cost savings and areas to increase income, avoiding undue capital investment. There is no one door to open or pill to swallow that will solve all your issues, but, more often, it is a collective approach – a number of small things that sometimes are missed by an owner/operator.

As the old saying goes: when you live in the woods you cannot see through the trees. Calling a consultant is not admitting defeat, it is taking a proactive approach to an ever-changing business and market.

Our approach is predicated on providing real value to our clients – no dog and pony show, no elaborate slide show presentations — with real, relevant insight on the issues a Community may have and cost-effective solution to those issues.

Integrity, transparency and hard work are the principles we are founded upon. We’re always happy to talk about how we can help.

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