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Third Party Management


Our third party management company is expertly skilled in all areas of Manufactured Housing operations- from billing to collecting to curb appeal- while bringing new ideas and innovative solutions. Blank Family Communities understands the challenges and the opportunities that exist in the Manufactured Housing Industry.   

Why Us

This industry has changed: Growth potential is down; profits are no longer a given; the market is over inflated; and the status quo is not sustainable. There is, however, a better way forward.

 Blank Family Communities is known for a boots on the ground approach and high standards. We understand the need for knowledgeable and dedicated team members operating at all levels of a business. We have a proven track record of successfully operating communities, of every size and in every economic climate, over the past 50 years. 

The Blank Family Operating Method comes with established processes and methodologies along with good old-fashioned hard work, acumen and 'know how'.  It's about doing the simple things the right way, every time. Portfolio management transitions are seamless and can be accomplished in days (30 or less).

Franklin Communities was owned and operated by the Blank Family for 35 years and was made up of eight Michigan MHC's, totaling 2,500 sites. In August of 2018, upon its sale, Franklin Communities enjoyed Occupancy of over 92%, while, Delinquency was at under 5%. 


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We welcome the opportunity to discuss your community and how we can open a pathway to improvement and growth.

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